AGM 2020

General Secretary’s Annual Report

Mrs Minta read her 40 th Annual Report to those present. Mrs Minta reported that the situation with the

pandemic had made it another challenging year for the Eisteddfod, part of Beau Sejour had been taken over as

the vaccination centre and owing to travel restrictions and another lockdown there had been no alternative

but to cancel the Music, Speech and Drama and Guernesiais competitions. The exhibition also had to be

postponed but fortunately this was able to take place in June although on a smaller scale.

The exhibition was a great success and Mrs Minta thanked Mr de Garis and all executive officers involved with

it. The trophies had been presented by Sir Richard Collas, who had also donated a trophy, the Centenary

Trophy, which is to be awarded annually, Mrs Minta said that she had been honoured to be the first recipient

of the award.

There had been great disappointment amongst those who were finishing their education locally that the

performing arts sections were not being held so two concerts were arranged in June by Katherine Wegerer to

enable the young people to perform and these were a great success, Mrs Minta thanked Mrs Wegerer and her

team for organising the concerts.

Sir Richard Collas had suggested a review of the Eisteddfod in all facets dates and times of year, officers etc.

and subsequently a review committee has been set up which has met a few times with some suggestions to try

and encourage more people to become involved in the Eisteddfod. The Centenary Celebrations were also put

on hold for 2021 again owing to the pandemic but these will hopefully take place in 2022, 101 years since the

foundation of the Society.

The flower arranging section will have a new Executive Officer, Linda Armstead, and the Literary section , Lupin

Vivian, which Mrs Minta said was very good news. Mr Brehaut from the video section had not submitted his

resignation but was not in the best of health so was unlikely to continue in his role and there was also a

replacement needed for the Modern Foreign Languages section after Mrs Sproule’s retirement. The Roller-

Skating section will not take place in 2022 but Mrs Dekker has given assurances that it will be back in 2023. Mr

Hibbs has resigned as vice -chairman and this role has now been taken by Mr Bob Thompson, Miss Bourget has

resigned as webmaster and Mr De Jersey has offered to take on the work but needs to be informed of any

changes needed on the website as soon as possible.

The postponed Guernesiais competitions will now take place in November at Shiloh church.

Mrs Minta said that she wished to thank sponsors for their continued support, Martyn Guille for cleaning and

delivering trophies, special thanks were given to David Wilson and Muriel Ferbrache for their continued help

and support and to Executive Officers, Vice- Chairman, Assistant Secretary and Treasurer, also the auditor Mr

Martin Shires.

Mrs Minta also added her thanks to the Chairman, Alan Brown for his continued support.

[A full transcript of the General Secretary’s Report can be seen in the official Minute Book].

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