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S I L K  P A I N T I N G

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Please see 'Who's Who page for contact details of the Silk Painting Executive Officer. 


Silk is a beautiful fibre. Man has, since the earliest of times, been able to extract a fine thread from the silk worm cocoon, spin it and weave it into the most delicate of fabrics. Even after thousands of years and with the modern advances of textile technology, silk is still prized for its delicate qualities, elegant drape and tactile feel.


It has been used as a surface to paint on for thousands of years. The Western world started to be aware of this wonderful fabric to paint on when artists started to travel more during the 1800's. Artists, particularly the French Impressionists, were very influenced by oriental art and started to experiment in painting on silk. This continued through the 19th and 20th century when many more artists took up the challenge. There are many famous artists such as Degas, Joseph Crawhall and Charles Condor with examples of their work in Museums and Art Galleries across the world.


It was 1989 when Guernsey started the first Silk Club and throughout its lifetime members have introduced many people to the skills and various methods of applying paints and dye to this beautiful and lustrous fabric. Schools in the island have also been fortunate to have teachers who have been able to introduce young students to this form of art.


The adjudicators for Silk Painting are local individuals chosen because of their artistic backgrounds and broad knowledge of silk painting techniques. Occasionally additional adjudicators are sourced from the international Silk Painters Guild. They all give encouraging and constructive criticism to each entry.


The Eisteddfod gives the community a window of opportunity to show the art and skill that is required to paint and manipulate the fabric known as silk. It also hopes to encourage people to participate and inspire them to improve to a higher level of skill. 


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