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S H O R T H A N D, 


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Please see 'Who's Who' for contact details of the Shorthand and EDP Executive Officer. 

Shorthand is still a useful tool when wanting to write notes quickly and the Eisteddfod competitions give you an opportunity to receive a certificate stating how fast you can take notes accurately. 


Word Processing used to be called Speed and Accuracy and is a means of proving just how fast and accurate you are when operating a keyboard, whether it is  a computer, a tablet, or even a typewriter.  Once again certificates are awarded to everyone who is 98% accurate from a minimum speed of 25 wpm, stating both speed and accuracy achieved.  This is sometimes useful to know when applying for work which involves operating electronic devices like computers.


Desk Top Publishing involves the designing of posters for various events by selecting suitable information provided in written form and inserting pictures, diagrams etc.  A useful tool in this modern world where we nearly all communicate using the internet and the rest of us by reading posters and various other hard copies.  These classes test how good you are, and you receive feedback from the adjudicator.


Students gain a huge sense of achievement when seeing their work displayed publicly, and by receiving a certificate. 

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