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The Guernsey Eisteddfod Society (Eisteddfod Guernsey) is a registered charity based in Guernsey. It is run entirely by volunteers and organises an annual Festival of the Arts for the whole community. The Festival takes place over a month in February/March and provides people of all ages the opportunity to showcase their talent in a range of Performing and Creative Arts and Crafts. Participants receive feedback from highly qualified and experienced adjudicators to help them develop and improve.

The Festival consists of performance sections in Music; English, Speech and Drama; Guernesiais; Modern Foreign Languages and Artistic Roller Skating. It also includes an extensive exhibition celebrating a wide range of Arts and Crafts including work from pre-schools and schools as well as the wider community. It culminates in a Gala Concert. The Society is a member of The British and International Federation of Festivals for Music Drama and Speech (BIFF).The Society aims to provide a high quality Festival encouraging excellence, that is inclusive and supportive for all participants, audience members and visitors to the exhibition.


The Society believes everyone has a responsibility to promote the welfare of all

children, young people and vulnerable adults, to keep them safe and to act in a way

that protects them. We will give equal priority to keeping all children, young people

and vulnerable adults safe, regardless of their age, disability, gender, race, religion or

belief, sex, or sexual orientation. The Society recognises that some people are

additionally vulnerable because of the impact of discrimination, previous experiences,

their level of dependency, communication needs or other issues.

Volunteers, venue staff and other partners always work to enable the Festival to

progress in a safe, supportive environment with participants welfare of paramount

importance at all times. While parents/carers/teachers/other responsible adults retain

responsibility for the children or vulnerable adults they are supporting while

participating in or attending the Festival, volunteers will at all times conduct

themselves in a way to support the safety and welfare of children and vulnerable

adults and to protect them from harm.

In accordance with the Children Law (Guernsey and Alderney) 2008 and relevant

States of Guernsey Health and Social Care guidance documents for children and

vulnerable adults, if any volunteer or member of the public has any concerns about

the safety or welfare of any child or vulnerable adult they must report this as soon as

possible to the appropriate agency. They can also report this to the child protection

lead in the Society, Alan Brown or in his absence secretary Barbara Minta. This may

also include concerns re the conduct of a volunteer, Beau Sejour member of staff, or

member of the public in relation to children and vulnerable adults’ safety and welfare.

Complaints in relation to safeguarding and child protection should only be

investigated by States of Guernsey Health and Social Care staff and/or the police.

Beau Sejour staff will follow their own safeguarding processes.


Relevant contact details are:-
Adult Safeguarding Manager 01481 226923
Police 01481 222222 or 999 in an emergency
Multi Agency Support Hub (children) 01481 223182 Emergency Duty Social Work Team 01481 220000
Alan Brown Eisteddfod Child Protection Lead 07781 425001 Barbara Minta Eisteddfod Secretary 07781 111358
The NSPCC helpline is also available on 0808 800 5000

All volunteers of the Society are made aware of their individual responsibility to

support children and vulnerable adults and to keep them safe from harm

June 2022

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