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1117a PRE-SCHOOL AGE. Petit Papillon. A programme of contrasting pieces lasting a maximum of 5 minutes. Percussion and/or melodic and/or rhythm instruments with/without movement and voices.


Please see 'Who's Who' page for contact details of the Music Executive Officer. 

The Music section opened the inaugural Guernsey Eisteddfod on 1 November 1922 – some 93 years ago – and proves to be one of the most popular sessions within the annual Festival.


Over the years, thousands of amateur performers – from children to veterans – have competed in a wide variety of classes from “highbrow classic” to “pop”.  Many entrants have progressed to forge successful careers in music on the worldwide stage.


The breadth of the Music section classes is deliberate to appeal to a wide range of musical tastes across the Bailiwick.  A mini concert is held in each session so that musical participants and the audience can experience the diversity of the performances.


The experience of live performing is important as is the traditional competitive culture of the Festival and the resultant atmosphere is on of fun and entertainment.  Good-nature support and camaraderie from all the musical participants always produces an enthusiastic response from the audience.


And if doubts still remain about entering the Music section …


From participants:

“The Eisteddfod has been a vital part of my own professional development; not only from my own performances but interacting and observing talented musicians and performers of all ages and working alongside some very well respected and renowned adjudicators that provide essential constructive feedback and criticism.


“The Eisteddfod isn’t just a competition; it’s a community celebration of what we have on Guernsey and it’s a chance to showcase and feel proud of what this great island has to offer.”

Rickey Long, Muscial Theatre Graduate


"I have been involved with the Guernsey Music Eisteddfod over the last fifty five years, first as a solo pianist and later also as an accompanist, singer, instrumental and choral conductor and keen supporter.  The eisteddfod is a wonderful opportunity for people of all ages and levels of ability to perform for a knowledgeable and very supportive audience and then receive some really useful help and advice from some of the most experienced adjudicators around.  Although it is lovely to win (on occasion!), it is also great fun just to take part. The atmosphere is always relaxed and welcoming and the camaraderie amongst the competitors is unique. The content of the syllabus has also been expanded dramatically, particularly over the last ten years, to include something for everyone from classical, through jazz and pop, to musical theatre.   Have a go! You won’t regret it."

Marilyn Pugh, Past and Present Competitor.



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