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(amended 1987 & 1990)


1          All competitions in the Festival are open to anyone, except where restricted by individual Section Regulations as printed in the Syllabus.

2          In Junior Competitions where an age limit is stated, the age should be taken as at 31st August, except in the Artistic Roller Skating Section, the                    Photography Section, and the Shorthand, Electronic Document Presentation Section (see under relevant Syllabus).

            No person may compete more than once for a Trophy in the Music and Speech and Drama sections unless that Trophy is offered for the best entry              In several classes.

            No person may compete more than once for any Certificate EXCEPT in Exhibition work and Musical Composition, also certain other classes with                  special conditions mentioned.

            A competitor may, however, be allowed to compete more than once in ENSEMBLE competition provided that the part undertaken is different in                    each case.

            A vocalist must keep strictly to one classified voice in Solo Classes throughout the Festival, ie  a Soprano in one solo competition may not enter as              a Mezzo‑Soprano or Contralto in any other Solo Competition.

            In ORATORIO Class, however, Mezzo‑Sopranos and Baritones will not be debarred. The standard of marking will be set by the Adjudicator.

            In OWN CHOICE competitions the composition or work submitted must not have been performed or presented by the competitor or ensemble at                  the previous TWO Festivals.

3          In all sections of the Eisteddfod in which marks are awarded, trophies and certificates will be awarded at the discretion of the Adjudicator.

4          A competitor entering for two or more competitions within the same section must not render or submit the same piece twice.

5          The decision of the Adjudicator shall be final.

6          Competitors desiring to lodge any protest or dispute concerned with the organisation or running of individual section(s) must submit the same in                writing to the Executive Officer of the section(s) concerned with a deposit of £10. Should the protest be upheld the deposit will be returned.

            The Protest Committee shall consist of the Executive Officer of the section concerned, the General Secretary and the Chairman (* In the case of the              Music Section the Executive Officer may be replaced by a Committee member from the appropriate section of Music making).  THE DECISION OF                  THE PROTEST COMMITTEE SHALL BE FINAL.

7          Any dispute connected with the Eisteddfod that may otherwise arise, shall be resolved by the Executive Committee and its decision shall be final.

8          The Officers shall have power to appoint other Adjudicators in the place of any who may be incapacitated by illness or any unforeseen cause.

9          Competitors (and their Accompanists if any) will be admitted free of charge at those sessions only in which they are taking part.

10        A Trophy or Certificate winner must, if requested, take part in the Festival Concert. Refusal to do so may mean withdrawal of the award. This is a                condition of entry. All Adult Choirs must, if required, sing unitedly the test pieces. The Choirs in the Junior Competitions must, if required, mass                    and sing the test piece on the same occasion.

11        In Competitions in the Music and Speech and Drama Sections where competitors number over twenty from Guernsey the Executive Committee                    may arrange for preliminary tests. The Adjudicators may be other than those appointed for the Festival proper. These Adjudicators will select not                more than twenty competitors in each class to take part in the Festival. The date, time and place of preliminary tests will be announced as soon as              possible after the closing date for entries.

12        The Committee reserves the right of refusing any entry.

13        Exhibitors may price their work. The selling price shall be sent in to the Executive Officer together with the entry. 10% of the selling price may be                retained by the Section as commission.

14        Immediately after the entries are closed, the Section Sub-Committee shall decide the order in which Competitors are to perform. Any Competitor                failing to appear in his or her turn may be disqualified.

15        All entries in the Exhibition Section must be the genuine work of Competitors and should not have been exhibited in any previous Eisteddfod in                    Guernsey.

16        Any of the arrangements detailed in this Syllabus may be modified or cancelled by the Executive Committee if deemed necessary.

17        After the conclusion of the Exhibition, Music, Speech and Drama Sessions, the Committee cannot be held responsible for any exhibit, remark                        sheet, certificate, ‘Own Choice’ or other item belonging to competitors which has not been collected.

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